I/D attends reunion of GLBT Cathlics and Allies


Biennial convention of DignityUSA

Integrity/Dignity members enjoy gathering with friends from across the country each even-numbered year at Dignity/USA's national convention.

Each convention provides an opportunity to meet speakers of national or international renown, talk with people who do similar work around the country, dine, dance, relax, and above all, pray! Together we mourn, reflect, celebrate and give thanks to God. Enthusiastic liturgy planners like to share their own worship communities' gifts, exposing attendees to robust music and reverent, creative approaches to liturgy.

Conventions, as they alternate between regions of the country, also provide an excuse to extend the trip into a full vacation. Convention activities include social events which introduce you to local GLBT-friendly venues and provide a chance to learn from the hosts about the best local opportunities for recreation.

At right are the Wisconsinites who were able to attend the 2007 convention in Austin, Texas.



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Integrity/Dignity of Madison is an ecumenical Christian faith community affiliated nationally with INTEGRITY, the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender group within the Episcopal church, and DIGNITY, an organization of transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and gay Roman Catholics and their friends. The Wisconsin Conference of Churches has recognized I/D as an AIDS Caring Community since Advent 1996—a community which, without judgment, hesitation or reservation, provides all of its services to persons who are either infected with HIV or are affected by it.

I/D-Madison meets selected Saturdays from September through June at 6205 University Avenue, at 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise advertised.  St. Dunstanís Episcopal Church is wheelchair accessible.   Our mailing address is P.O. Box 2287, Madison, Wisconsin, 53701-2287.  For more information about I/D–Madison, contact Jim or Bill at (608) 836-8886 or info@idmadison.org.  We keep names and personal information confidential.

picture of Dignity members in grassy field holding banner with DignityUSA logo www.dignityusa.org
tel. 1-800-877-8797
Integrity, Inc. national logo www.integrityusa.org
tel. 1-202-462-9193

Learn more about these national organizations.  Check out their web sites or talk to a member at the next I/D event.


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